Sunday, August 30, 2015

GYIN-Senegal coordinator visits sister GYIN-Gambia to share experience

Senegambia GYINers

The Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN) Senegal Coordinator, Aisha Padane, on Monday 24 August, 2015 visited GYINers in the Gambia to learn and share experiences.

The Senegambia interface, which was accompanied by presentation on leadership skills and qualities, was meant to develop the leadership potentials of GYINers to be able to compete in a global economy of a political world.

The GYINers were drawn from West Coast Region, Kanifing Municipality, Central River Region and the Lower River Region.

Presented by the GYIN-Gambia coordinator, Mamadou Edrisa Njie, the presentation was also held to prepare them to take charge of their leadership roles and responsibilities for good governance.

In her speech, Ms Padane congratulated GYIN-Gambia for making tremendous efforts towards the success of the organization, noting that GYIN- Senegal intends to learn from sister GYIN-Gambia’s successes.

She explained wide range of negative issues affecting young people in her country which, according to her, is also hindering the progress of GYIN-Senegal.

Ms Padane, who is also part of GYIN International Youth Advisory Board, noted that although GYIN-Senegal is not working as expected but they are still connected and connecting the young people to make headway.

“GYIN is my life,” she said, while commending the Gambia and Cameroun for leading in GYIN activities globally.

She continued: “we want to help improve the lives of young people in Senegal because we have good leadership in Senegal. We need to double our efforts but it is also hard to get financial support to help the young people.”

 Speaking on Agriculture in her country, she enthused that rice field are doing well and she is one of those who do not eat the imported rice for eight months.

The GYIN-Senegal coordinator assured to support the young people to engage in rice cultivation.

The GYIN-Gambia Coordinator, Mamadou Edrisa Njie narrated his experience with Aisha Padane during their workshop and fair that was held in Benin, 2010.

According to him, GYIN-Gambia is planning to do an exchange visit to Senegal.

During his presentation, he informed the gathering that when it comes to learning about leadership, they need to attend courses, listen to gurus, and watch videos, read stories and books about successful leadership.

“A number of books, videos, courses and lectures are available on the subject of how to become a successful leader. However, you also need books and advice on how to become a good subordinate, on how to be viewed favourably by your bosses, on how you can navigate the politics of your employer’s company,” he noted.

The GYIN-Gambia Ambassador further explained that developing leadership capabilities is a lifelong process as setting clear goals and taking control of your own learning is your right.

The GYIN Rural Regions Coordinator, Ms Amie Faye delivered the vote of thanks while Mrs. Mariam Saine moderated the meeting and delivered the welcome remarks.

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