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GYIN-Gambia Members To Attend Six-Months Training on Carpentry and Agriculture in Ghana and Nigeria

GYINers: Mr. Sanyang and Miss. Manjang

Two GYINers, Jainaba Manjang and Modou Lamin Sanyang left The Gambia on August 26, 2015 for Ghana and Nigeria respectively to train on Carpentry and Horticulture.

Ms. Manjang is the Administrative Secretary of the GYIN-Gambia Secretariat in Churchill’s Town and Mr. Sanyang is a member of the GYIN-partner-organisation, Kapongha Youth Development Association at Bullock village, Foni Berefet District of the West Coast Region.

The two made the programme following a rigorous selection process by Ace Communications Executive,which is commencing this regional programme to provide opportunity for youths in the ECOWAS countries of Ghana, Nigeria and The Gambia to undergo exchange training programmes in each of the three countries.

The initiative, called The Youth Traineeship Exchange Program (YTEP),seeks to build the capacity of youths for self-sufficiency and socio-economic development, according to Ace Communications Executive – the organisers of the programme.

Mamadou Edrisa Njie, GYIN Gambia National Coordinator, said I’m happy to announce that two of five of our members who went through the application process have been selected.

He explained that Ms. Manjang will undergo a six-months training in Carpentry in Ghana, and Mr. Sanyang, will be trained on agriculture (poultry, horticulture and livestock) in Nigeria within the same period. GYIN-Gambia facilitated their participation.

“This laudable initiative will give them (and other selected youths) the opportunity to become self-sufficient by learning practical skills and gain work experience in a country different from their own,” Njie said.“It will contribute immensely to the emancipation of these youths from the shackles of perpetual unemployment and poverty – just as we’ve been trying to do at GYIN.”

An Ace Communications statement indicated this month that the programme “is designed to yield direct benefits to youths after their traineeship by way of arming them with livelihood skills, knowledge on entrepreneurship and motivation to apply their skills in order to become economically resilient and contribute to rural development.”

This project will present youths in the rural areas an opportunity to be trained for six months with the aim of averting the high rate of illegal migration of youths especially those from the rural areas,” it stated.

It is a full scholarship programme for 75 participants (25 participants from each of the aforementioned countries); tuition for training, international flight, general welfare and tools upon the completion of the programme.

Manjang and Sanyang are among 25 young participants from The Gambia (to be divided into two groups) to be trained in carpentry in Ghana and agriculture in Nigeria.Also, the 25 participants from Nigeria (divided into two groups)will travel to The Gambia to be trained on tailoring and to Ghana to be trained on carpentry, whilehalf of the 25 participants from Ghana will travel to Nigeria to be trained in agriculture and the other half will be in The Gambia to learn tailoring.

The YTEP benefits include the following: Gain practical, relevant training and experience;Learn to integrate and work within a diverse workforce and location;On the job support on training and trade;To be empowered and inspired; and Become part of a solution to avert illegal migration and give the youth an opportunity to unleash their potentials.

About GYIN Gambia

The Global Youth Innovation Network Gambia Chapter (GYIN Gambia Chapter) is a National Youth Organisation that supports rural youth on entrepreneurship, agri-business, innovation and leadership to become self-reliant.

The network is the legitimate national representation and chapter of the USA Washington, DC-based Global Youth Innovation Network International (GYIN International).

GYIN Gambia aims to contribute to poverty reduction among poor rural youth in The Gambia through exposure to opportunities and business prospects, innovation, and knowledge on replicable youth successful models income generating and to enable them to create and engage in sustainable small scale agri-businesses and entrepreneurship.

Our general objectives are to create and support an enabling environment under which young people in country can act on their own behalf and on their own terms,  and to facilitate exchange of experiences, learning and networking for young entrepreneurs.

The network is a charitable organization and non-political or religious in its efforts to provide opportunities to develop and improve the lives of the many young people in the country. .

Our vision is to create an enabling space where young women and men in The Gambia can channel their creativities, potentialities and vibrancies in transforming their communities through self-sustaining socio-economic and cultural opportunities that provide the next generation with a decent life

Our mission is that GYIN-Gambia is committed to capitalize on the global and national entrepreneurial spirit of young women and men to overcome poverty and build healthy society for the Gambian community.

And our goal are to support women and youths in the areas of innovation, agribusiness, leadership and entrepreneurship through capacity enhancement, networking, coaching, mentoring, volunteering and service learning as well as fostering partnership with businesses, development organizations, educational institutions, community-based organizations, and other youth-liked minded institutions in order to contribute to the overall mission of goal and the national development plan of the country.

For any enquiries, please contact:

Mamadou Edrisa Njie,
GYIN-Gambia Coordinator
+220 3938929

Modou S. Joof,
GYIN-Gambia Advocacy and Communications Officer
+220 2122784

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