Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SEPTEMBER: Advocate of the Month- Grace Mageka

September Advocate Champion
Grace Mageka, a Kenyan African youth leader & advocate for better youth policies in Africa and moving Africa to the next level. I am very hardworking and team player, creative and innovative, confident, intelligent, competent, vibrant, dynamic, enthusiastic, self-motivated, proactive with I can/must do attitude with a sense of initiative and ready to go beyond achieving academic excellence but also to take initiatives to positively impact the society.

Purpose: To work on raising the mobilization and awareness of youth towards creating a better future for themselves where they can explode and develop their capacities.

Mission: To positively impact global challenges by engaging young people in initiative and work streams related to specific challenges they have identified.

Vision: I aspire to transform the next generation of young leaders through personal experience that build knowledge and engender better understanding of global, regional and national.

She is the current youth champion for post 2015 development agenda at Voice Africa’s Future which is an initiative for African monitor to ensure the key asks that represent the pressing issues in Africa and a vision for Youths in Africa are popularized and forwarded to global platforms. The key asks are in total 9 themes and each of them has a specific vision, call, goal and targets. The key asks are mainly for the purpose of mainstreaming youth issues in the post 2015 agenda.

Grace is also the current East African Regional Coordinator at African Youth Association of Non-Governmental Organization (AYANGO), the current African youth Union National coordinator
Kenya chapter, the current Co-founder and public relations adviser for Espoir Institute and also international youth leader and advocate, mentor, peer motivator, volunteer, social change maker, a counsellor and above all an innovator doing everything in my power to transition the community and actively involved in advocacy and creating awareness on cross cutting issues such as market innovations, social entrepreneurship, democratic leadership, constitutionalism, global policy making and governance, human rights, gender issues, sex and reproductive health, water and food security, green economy and environmental conservation(vision #beyond2050, #climate-smart-agriculture)

She specializes in areas of youth civic engagements and participation in democracy and good governance that is youth governance, youth and women leadership, peace building and development environmental sustainability and sustainable development.

Interests are: youth leadership, Democracy & good governance, Social Entrepreneurship, Volunteerism, youth and women related issues.

She is  very passionate about leadership Innovation, Entrepreneurship and development of Africa, international affairs, diplomacy, global policy and governance, humanitarian actions such as peace building and development and the role of young people and women in promoting peace and advancement in women leadership because advancement in women leadership is a powerful resource and catalyst for change in the world.

She has vast experience in youth and children leadership, management, communication, volunteerism, sustainable development and international affairs.

Expertise on Civic engagement and consultation on Elections, Governance and Democracy: political parties, parliaments, political party management in Kenya, Leadership and campaign academy, youth participation in democracy and governance in Africa.
Currently undergoing one year leadership mentor-ship and training by a renowned global institution called National Democratic Institute (NDI) and a four year women leadership by Centre of
Multiparty Democracy (CMD).

International Experience:
(1) Youth Representative for 2nd Mandela Institute Development Studies Annual Youth Dialogue on Elections and Governance in Africa Kigali, Rwanda 2014.
(2) Youth Representative for the 3rd African Internet Governance Forum (AfIGF) Abuja, Nigeria 2014.
(3) Youth Champion at Voice Africa’s Future for post 2015 development Agenda phase 2 strategy and Planning Workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa 2014.
(4) Youth representative for the First Euro African Youth Parliament Berlin, German 2014

In both  professional and personal life, I have realized it is important to help out others and as a young African leader thinking good for Africa; I am planting little trees of unity and peace which would have fruit unification.

I believe I am destined for greater missions in Kenya, Africa and globally. Speaking the language of hope and contribute to the “well-being” of people by inspiring and empowering people’ souls.” to achieve their God given dreams.

I have helped young people develop their careers without burning out and drive social change in their community and nationwide. I do offer mentor-ship for young people, career advice and leadership training for young people and closely advocate for young women related matters such as girl child empowerment.

I have impeccable public record and good standing in the community and I have been recognized with a record of extra ordinary achievement, substantial leadership experience with a clear indication that I will continue for the rest of career.

According to me Success isn’t just about what I accomplish in my life, it’s about inspiring others” I am passionate about inspiring young people and empowering them to achieve their God-given dreams, develop skills and networks to build their countries and communities.

I have always surrounded myself with mentors and success models, and I have realized that they have been a critical component in getting me to where I am today.

Along these lines, I believe that we become better leaders by teaching what we know, and always try to put this practice to work with people who are willing and excited to be mentored so as to gain leadership experience and understand the importance of developing strong character, Improve the ability to communicate, work with others and accept alternative people views and backgrounds

My experience as a youth leader:
Leadership encompasses many values like:
1) Taking responsibility
2) Being Passionate
3) Driving change
4) Standing out in the crowd
5) Inspiring people around you
6) Building a team reaching goals
7) Creating more leaders
8) Being a role model.

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