Thursday, February 20, 2014

Anti-LBGT Rhetoric in The Gambia

Press Statement
John Kerry, Secretary of State
Washington, DC
February 19, 2014

The United States is deeply troubled by the hateful rhetoric used by President Jammeh in his National Day speech on February 18. All people are created equal and should be able to live free from discrimination, and that includes discrimination based on sexual identity and sexual orientation. We call on the Government of The Gambia to protect the human rights of all Gambians, and we encourage the international community to send a clear signal that statements of this nature have no place in the public dialogue and are unacceptable.

Human rights and fundamental freedoms belong to all individuals. The United States stands by you no matter where you are and no matter who you love.Comments on Facebook:

  • Ahmadou Bokarr Jawo In the Gambia or Africa we do not lived our lifes as fellow human directed no man is perfect, Allah created all and according to his comandment we ll lived if john kerry cares for humanity let them take w. Bush n tony blaire to justice after they invaded Afghanistan, iraq n planning to destroy every muslim state. they called the invation of iraq a mistake,
  • Badalieu Nyang John kerry and the so call american goverment we Gambians are god fearing people n trust in the teachings of our holy book the quran n respect our culture, so if yu are to defend LGBT, take it to your country not our region we belive in god not humanity, how many innocent people were killed by your drones in afghanistAn n pakistan wat action did the american goverment take only making nonsense appology, follow ur saitanic religion n leave us with ours, Raging fire gona burn all lesbians n GayS to ashes
  • Salifu M Bah What the hell does john kerry has to do about the affairs of another state.
    ? Mr. This is nt about the president, its the the people, our way of life and what we belief in. LGBT have no place within the, don't u understand that this threatens human existence, don't u understand that u never have been this hypocrite of a secretary of state if your parents wer gay or lesbian..... Infact our religion bestowed on us marriage to the opposite sex which in a sense is for the preservation of human just save us this shit!
  • Mohammed Nk Fatty For a fact and avoidance of doubt we don't need LGBT person in The Gambia, Mr Secretary of State.
  • Abubacarr Jatta Say NO homosexuals in the Gambia
  • Fabakary Jammeh John Kerry cannot teach Gambian leadership about human rights. Gambia is a sovereign state and thus cannot be dictated by war mongers on the pretext of human rights and democracy which is filled with hypocrisy. They cannot impose their immoral values on us to detriment of our core values and traditions. We shall defend our African cultures and values to the last drop of our blood. US must not know that they are not the policeman of the world. Their this bizzy body attitude attracted and expose then to all the security threats they are facing today. So let Kerry put his mouth where their money is.
  • Pata PJ Gambians have to understand what their priorities are and focus on those. Every year, thousands graduate from school and hang around with their parents in the house or with their friends on street corners because they add to the unemployed masses. Yearly, our dependency percentage on each other and foreign aid increases because the regime are not about to get us anything that's productive. Everyday the cost of living hikes. Each day that you pick up a newspaper, there are reports of people being drag to court over foolishness or people missing without trace. Each day, ordinary Gambian struggles to have electricity or fare to work. Daily, folks flock the hospitals with all kinds of illnesses but no medication. WITH ALL THAT, THE PRESIDENT ON A DAY LIKE THIS COULDN'T ADDRESS ANY OF THOSE NEEDS BUT THREATEN GAYS/LESBIANS THAT AREN'T OUR PROBLEM.

    Who makes president Jammeh a religious, moral leader anyway? He's a political elected leader who is stretching beyond his mandated responsibility. If President Jammeh who thinks he's God's handpicked messiah could do what many consider idle worshipping, who is he to condemn other's beliefs? Why are Gambians so concerned with what others do in the comfort of their houses behind locked doors but do not care about their neighbors arrested, tortured, missing and dead? Why wouldn't we concern ourselves with poor health facilities and the president sending his family for overseas checkups and medical treatments? Why wouldn't you question why is Jammeh richer and wealthier than Gambia when his salary isn't that much? Why are we ignoring the president organizing sex festivals in the name of wrestling, where our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters are raped, molested and harassed? What is more sinful than that? How about the unexplained murders?
    It is very unfortunate that a president would make such irresponsible remarks like he's God and Gambians are jumping here like he was godsent! Let president Jammeh and all those clapping for him know that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH. This tribal, religious, sexual discriminating are not taking us anywhere. He's a crybaby who is doing all he could to get the attention of Washington. If he despised the west that bad, why has he bought a $3.5 million mansion in D.C that his family lives when our parents dwell in mud houses?

    Get your priorities right, Gambians and tell Jammeh what Gambia needs. Gays aren't our problems. Jammeh is. And what is he going to do if Mariam or Muhammad turn out gay someday? He's not killing them.

    I hope United States and ALL friends of the Gambia are aware of the volatility of this murderous president. Gambians are oppressed and this tyrant needs to be watched. You owe that to Gambians
  • Adi Bittaye LOVE THE GOOD
  • Bubacarr Trawally Mr Kerry let me remind you that the Gambia is a very strong religious country who really live by their religous values or they have no place in the Gambian society and we will not let them free in our religion preaches homosexuality and if thats the case we Gambians will stand by our president to fight this so called human beings until we are successful.since homosexuality is a threat to human existence we would not allow them to practice such indespicable acts in our country.
  • Musa Sanyang what da hell are we going to do with homosexuals Mr secretary of state??
  • Bah M Sheriff No to LBGT in The Gambia. LGBT are disguisting human beings. I salute you Mr President, Dr Y A J J Jammeh for this brave statement on the 49 Independence of our dear motherland, The smiling coast of Africa.
  • Ansumana Ceesay Oh ALLAH save humanity
  • Fatou Camara Very fitting!
    • Malang Bojang Fatou what is fitting hmm? This is not about the president or the Gambia but the entire human race and Islam in particular. I believe if you are a true believer such should not be in anyway be ur stand or comment. Let America legalize whatever name they are giving it. Gambia is Gambia and it belong to Gambians no matter our religion or political affiliations. So please you av to repen to Allah for such ungodly comment can dined u entry to Janhna. My advice please!!!
    • Fatou Camara We have a long way to go and it makes me sad!
    • Malang Bojang Okay! Thanks for the sense of maturity shown.
  • Abdoulie Jallow Who cares bout that shit!

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