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AIS Africa Innovation Summit, Cabo Verde 2014

H.E Jorge Carlos Fonseca Welcomes Organisers AIS Summit
The maiden Africa Innovation Summit (AIS) is a catalyst event. It is an integral part of a much broader effort to build a platform for promoting innovation in Africa. The Summit will lay the foundation for an ongoing multi stakeholder dialogue on innovation in Africa. All stakeholders, including policy makers, entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, academics, and investors will be engaged in a collaborative effort to undertake strategic assessment, seek robust solutions and engage key actors to build a more propitious environment for innovation on the continent.

The three day summit is planned for 04 – 06 February 2014 in Praia, Cape Verde and is expected to will bring together entrepreneurs, innovators, financiers, policy makers and researchers in one place to conduct an extensive dialogue on innovation in Africa.

The President of Cape Verde H.E. Jorge Carlos Fonseca welcomed the organizers of the African Innovation Summit and pledged his support for this initiative.

An initiative by IHABA under the honorary patronage of H.E. Pedro Pires Former President of Cabo Verde (2001-2011), Laureate of the 2011 Mo Ibrahim Award.

“When we speak about innovation, dear friends, we are speaking about the future, what future for us? What future do we aspire to? What attitude should we adopt? Will we act or acquiesce?” pointed out Pedro Pires.

Dr. Donald Kaberuka, President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), attended the AIS launch as special guest of H.E. Pedro Pires. During his speech he highlighted the importance of AIS and stated: "We at the bank support innovation at all levels and are prepared to work with you going forward." 

Nations which succeed do many things right of which we can distinguish the following 3 critical actions: Invest in its people; Ensure that development is broad base, benefiting the majority of its people; and most important invest in innovation. On the other hand, innovation  can only succeed on the basis of 3 things:

Freedom – freedom to do things, freedom to speak out, freedom from oppression. Risk taking – we often confuse rent seeking with development whilst the actual basis of development is risk taking and risk taking is innovation, level playing field – equal for all. 

"This initiative is very appropriate and timely...We have moved on from the world of trading in materials and commodities to the world of trading in knowledge products...and that means innovation”says Donald Kaberuka.

Dr. António Correia e Silva - Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of Cabo Verde
The Government of Cabo Verde embraced AIS as a public private initiative. The Government attributes a high importance and priority in its development strategy to innovation.

Governments should be exemplary when it comes to innovation; not just in speeches but in effective actions through Institutional innovation, promoting electronic governance - a reduction of cost and procedures of public services, stated António Correia e Silva.

Exibition: AIS – For  Innovators

An important part of the summit will be an exhibit which will feature important innovations and innovators from around the world. Innovation Exhibition will open on February 3rd 2014.

Individual inivators that you can meet at the summit  are Mr. Evans Wadongo from Kenya, Mr. Eric Charas, Mozambique and Mr. Sanoussi Diakite from  Senegal among other host of companies in Africa including Gambia's own Green Tech in the field of Innovation: Sustainable Energy
Innovation: Affordable high quality fuel briquettes for cooking and heating to a high diversity of industries and households, visit

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