Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tefa Global Solutions set to organize Lumo fair

Courtesy of Lumo
 Tefa Global Solutions  a charitable based organisation registered in Banjul, The Gambia year 2012, provides services and solutions to businesses, and the National Coordination of Farmers Associations The Gambia (Nacofag), in partnership with FAO banjul office, Ministry of Agriculture and the National Agricultural Research Institute are organising a "Lumo" Mandinka  word in English meaning weekly market held at different central points and time in rural villages of the Gambia.

The agribusiness fair,  Lumo in The City, according to organisers is geared to promote and reinforce the linkages among producers, suppliers, their market and the tourism industry  in The Gambia and will be held at the Famous Dream Park in Kololi between 11th to 17th November, 2012.

According to the fair will bring more than sixty five stakeholders in the food chain and will enhance effective communication between the business sector and the community at large.

This innovative event is a noble partnership initiated by Tefa Global Solution and National Coordination of farmers Associations The Gambia (NACOFAG) to strengthen Family Farms (FF) and Agribusiness opportunity for small scale producers and processors etc, said Mariama Fatajo coordinator Tefa Global Solutions, at a press conference held on Thursday at Kololi.

The Lumo in the City will coincide with the IFAD International Forum which will be hosted by The Gambia Government, said Fatajo while calling on the public to support farmers and others stakeholders to attend this Lumo in the City which in turn will have a direct impact on small-scale producers and agribusiness-creation in The Gambia.

Coming into the city, the lumo redressed to  provide a one stop solution to our farmers, fishermen, gardeners, and food processors so that they have access to agriculture extension support, inputs and other services, credit, market linkage, and infrastructures, and most importantly provide alternative livelihood especially during non farming season.  Hence the Lumo in the City is not the same lumo many Gambians are familiar with. In the city it comes full of information, access and entertainment which makes the event unique and first-ever in the country, she revealed.

The Purpose of the fair, she added is to create linkages between farmers, fishermen, and gardeners, in the food chain, consumers, buyers and suppliers in an effective manner, enhancing effective communication between the business sector and the community at large amongst others.

When he took his turn, Mahamadou Fayinkeh, President NACOFAG said that the Lumo will be an annual event adding that their strategis plan has capture the annual Lumo in their activities.
The Lumo, he added will also enable NACOFAG members and its partners to have proper information sharing of the market, its demand and effective income.

To analyze market demands and determining best experience  and prices that will emanate from the Lumo in the City, to attain stability and sufficiency and to explore the correct mechanism between market demand and supply at both national and regional level, these, he went will all happen during the fair.

The event will be in four main pillars: Exhibition and sales of fresh agric products, dry/ bottled processed products, suppliers/service providers, and showcase of government project and efforts to help propel the agribusiness in the country; Livelihood trainings and business creations; Agribusiness Award for Excellence 2012 selection and awarding; Symposia, information exchange, discussion and entertainment never seen before in The Gambia.

Awards are as follows:​ 1. Friend of Agribusiness Award 2. Agribusiness Leader of the Year Award 3. Farmer of the Year Award
4. Best Fisherman of the Year Award 5. Best Rural Enterprise Award
6. Best Farm Award 7. Best Garden Award 8. Best VISACA Award
9. Technology and Innovation Award and 10. Outstanding Agriculture Civil Servant

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