Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pamela Ann White Stages Gambia Arts Exhibition

Pamela Ann White Speaking to Gambian Journalists
The United States top diplomat in the Gambia, Madam Pamela Ann White, has on Friday, 2 March 2012, organised the first Gambian arts exhibition at the residence of US Ambassador in this country,
The evening art exhibition, which many described as historic, was meant to expose the works of Gambian artists, as well as showcase their talents.
The exhibition will be held every six months, said Ambassador White in a happy-mood when speaking to Gambia journalists.
            Friday’s  exhibition was held in a form of colourful reception attended by dignitaries like Ms. Fatim Badjie, Minister of Health and Social; World Food Programme (WFP) Resident representative Madam Victoria Ginja; Her  Excellency Madam Esther John  Audu, Nigerian High Commissioner to The Gambia; Mr. Pap Saine, Publisher The Point newspaper.
 Two professional Gambian artists- Ms. Isha Fofana and Njogu Touray were also present. The exhibition gave an opportunity for the Gambian artists to exhibit their products on the walls and hangers displayed on the grounds of the United States Ambassador Residence garden, in Fajara.
            Ambassador White told journalists that the reason for the Gambian arts exhibition was to expose arts work done by Gambian artists. While stated that the exhibition would be held every six months, the top US diplomat in Banjul promised that the next exhibition would be bigger than the maiden exhibition.
            She expressed her love for art work done by Gambian artists calling on Gambians to patronise Gambian artists by buying their products.
            According to her, many Gambians do not recognise Gambian artist’s products, which she said should not be the case but to be buying their products.
Her Embassy, she revealed, that has already bought seven pieces of Gambian arts at the time of the exhibition as a way of promoting Gambian artists.
 The US ambassador also spoke about Isha Fofana’s  trip to the United States to attend the US-African Women Entreprenuer programme from 19th September to 8th October, 2011, in  Washington DC.
WFP Rep. Victoria Ginja with Mamadou Edrisa Njie at the exhibition
 Isha Fofana, professional Gambian artist, who is also the founder/proprietor of Mama Africa Women’s Museum and Art Museum, thanked the US ambassador for the initiative, saying that US Embassy in Banjul has attached great importance to arts work.     
Fofana further expounded on her recent participation  in US-AfricanWomen Entreprenuer programme, in Washington DC.
Fofona who was featured in the Cable News Network (CNN), underscored the need for artists to work hard and nurture creativity and originality.
It could be recalled that the US Department of State through the US Embassy in Banjul The Gambia,has selected Isha Fofana, to attend the US-African Women Entreprenuer programme in Washington, DC 2011.
The US-Africa Women Programme was meant among other things to support and empower African Women drawn from all walks of life such as artists, politicians, academicians and economists, among others,to share experiences and ideas on different topical issues.
The programme was divided into series of events such as seminars, exhibitions, symposium, as well as field trips to different cities and states across the US. The programme bought together participants from different African countries  such as The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and Uganda, among others.
Speaking to a local newspaper-Daily Observer shortly before her departure to join her colleagues in the US, it could be recalled, Isha Fofana has described the trip as another opportunity for Gambian artists to excel and redouble their efforts toward achieving sustainable of the country.
She could also be recalled vowing to represent The Gambia with a difference at the US-Africa Women programme by raising the flag of the country to a higher level. The female Gambian artist paid respect to the US Embassy in Banjul for making her trip possible and for giving her the support and all the encouragement needed.
“I must thank the US Embassy in Banjul for giving me the opportunity to attend this important programme, which by no small means will greatly expose and enrich my experience in the world of arts and other numerous professions,” she stated, and seized the opportunity to urge her fellow women to maintain the spirit of hard work.

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