Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On Jammeh’s International Award

VP Njie- Saidy

The Management School, London has awarded President Sheikh Professor Dr. Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh for the “promotion of peace and stability, good governance and management”.
The Gambian leader was awarded by the Management School, at the joint ceremony of the 5th International Management, 5th International Human Resource, and the 4th International Public Relations congresses recently convened at the Sheraton Hotel and spa, in Brufut.  
Mr. Mike Okereke, President of British Education Examination Council (BEEC) International and Director, the Management  School, London delievred the award, received on behalf of President Jammeh, by Dr.  Ajaratou Isatou Njie-Saidy, expressed profound gratitude on behalf of Gambian leader.

The VP thanked Mike Okereke, President of the BEEC and his team for the foresight, trust and confidence bestowed on President Jammeh, with this prestigious award which, she said, is cherished by The Gambia , adding they  have given this prestigious award to a leader “who deserves the award.”
He told the gathering that President Jammeh as a visionary leader has received many international awards.
According to her, the Gambian leader is not only a leader for The Gambia but the whole world, saying that President Jammeh is recognised globally as a new breed of African for leadership, adding that he is a man that needs to be emulated by others.
“Please be informed that maintenance of good governance, the rule of law, transparancy, accountability and probity has always been and will continue to be accorded top prioritty by the government of His Excellency President Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh,” she positioned. Njie- Saidy also said Jammeh has been known worldwide  to be a democrat who continues to show resolve, commitment and dynamismin steering the affairs of the country to higher heights.
She also  noted that the Gambia’s electoral process is highly acclaimed internationally, noting that the country’s electoral  commission for the past years has been conducting free and fair elections.
Gender and the empowerment of women continues to take centre stage, she said,pointing out that many Gambian women are now involved in all the developmental programmes in the country.
She also pointed out the President’s efforts in promoting girls’ education, saying girls’ education has now dominated the boy’s because of the incentives that the president has been given to the girls, as  she noted, now more girls are enrolled than boys in the schools.
President Jammeh’s women empowerment also, Madam Njie-Saidy said, has amply demonstrated the increasing number of women in key decision making positions since the onset of the Second Republic.
She finally thanked Mike Orereke on behalf of  Gambian people for the award to the President.
The citation of the awards reads: “This award is for promotion of Peace and Stability, Good Governance and Managenemt.
The award is conferred on Sheikh Professor Jammeh, in recognition of “his relentless  efforts to develop The Gambia and by extension facilitate the development of Africa”, according to them.
The award, it is noted, was made in the knowledge and hope that President Jammeh would be inspired and further motivated to continue his drive for peace and good governance within the West African sub-region especially, but throughout Africa as well as globally.
With this award, the Gambian President is wished  God’s guidance  and protection in the great challenges of nationhood that remain  ahead of him, according to the citation. The citation was read to the audience by Mr. Muhammed Alex Da’ Costa, the Master of the ceremnoy.

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