Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GAMBIA: Children’s Day Celebrated

 NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA (MB)- The Gambia has joined the rest of the world to mark International Children’s Day of Broadcasting.
This day is set aside for children to showcase their talents, and it has created an avenue for children to be heard by anchoring programs not only on radio stations but even the state-own Television stations as a demonstration of how valued children’s are in the society.
 This year’s celebration highlighted the roles of boys and girls in the society. One such radio that availed Gambian children that opportunity was the nationally known electronic media set purposely for children and women with talents called Kids and Women with Talents (KWT) Radio in Bakau.

  Hon. Sheriff Gomez, Minister of Youth and Sports, who was invited to the program at the said radio, used the occasion to commend KWT for investing “a lot” in developing this country, since its inception in 2005, by raising the voice of the future leaders. He underscored the importance of occasions like this, to the Gambia in general and children in particular.
 Gomez noted that it helps them to learn, interact and to known their position in the society they live and in the country as a whole. 
Minister Gomez further dilated on the challenges faced by children such as child abuse, exploitation and molestation by Tourist, noting that the society should not continue to keep silent over such undesirable acts. 
He underlined the fact that the country invites tourists to come and enjoy the Smiling Coast but it would not tolerate child exploitation.
  Expounding on the rights of children, the Youth and Sports boss there should be a fine balance in the context where by children would also play their cards accordingly. 
The Gambian government, he told listeners, has taken into account the development aspect of children’s welfare. 
He also noted that through the Ministry of Education, education at the lowest level is now free while at the medium level it’s affordable.
Minister Gomez appealed to other electronic media in the country to emulate the good culture  demonstrated by KWT in providing air-time for children. 
  For his part, executive secretary, National Youth Council (NYC), Mr. Marcel Mendy, described the event as a rear opportunity for children; and he vouched that,  “young people are very crucial in national development, the future of Africa and the whole world”. Adding that their rights should go with responsibility, the NYC Senior official also urged parents to keep in touch with their children by encouraging them in the educational endeavours, for future development. 
 An official from the United States Embassy in Banjul, Mr. Papa Njie; Mr. Pa Modou Faal, Deputy Editor at The Point Newspaper; and Assan Malang of  National Patriotic Students Association (NAPSA)  all expressed similar sentiments. 
They also called on other electronic media to emulate KWT’s good example. KWT proudly has 30 staff members at its disposal.
  Mrs. Yambou Jawara-Sarr, a staff of KWT thanked all the invitees for positively responding to their invitation. She further saluted their advertising agents and the whole management team for complementing efforts in making the day a success.

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