Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Tribute To Late Habibu Ceesay

This is to add my voice to the many tributes to Mr. Habibu Ceesay, 27 year old who died peacefully in his sleep on Saturday morning 22nd November, 2008. 
The untimely death of so young a talent and the surprising and shocking manner in which it happened is a very sad story to be hold. By all accounts, young Habibu Ceesay whose hallmark was to show how full of life he was, being both jovial and committed to journalism, his chosen vocation in life, it is only death itself, which knocks at any hour and place irrespective of its victim's disposition, that could deal such a mighty blow on Ceesay himself, his brother Hassum, other family members and colleagues in the journalism fraternity.
The more we hear and read about this here today and gone tomorrow story, the sadder we feel at the loss all of us and our country suffered as a result of Ceesay's death.
Alas, as fate had it, this potential top reporter, sub-editor, editor and even publisher, just manage to take a few steps up the ladder of journalism before his life was cut short abruptly and everything came crashing down. In few years he had worked as a journalist, he managed to leave footprints at the Independent, The Daily Observer, The Point, Today and finally Business Digest Newspapers. His change of employers is more indicative of failing in our profession than on his part. The important point to note is that these experiences left him a unique blend of different editors of varying calibre and qualification, as he enriched and deepened his knowledge of journalism and its practice in The Gambia. The tragedy about him is that he would have learned so much more and consequently contributed more if he had lived longer in this world.
Ceesay, a native of Panchang Village in Upper Saloum, Central River Region. He graduated from Armitage Senior Secondary School in Janjangbureh after completing his education at Kaur Middle School.
Apparently, his first job was as a freelance contributor at the Independent, where the bug to be a journalist first bit him and got him hooked for life. His friends and colleagues will always remember him for his concern for justice, human rights, the pursuit of truth and for his hard work and discipline. 
Mansa Banko wishes to extend sympathies to the immediate family, to his colleagues and friends. We pray that 'HIS SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE'. 

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