Thursday, November 26, 2009

Friday 27 Is Tobaki

Friday 27, Gambians will observe Tobaski, according to The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council headed by Alahagie Mahamadou Lamin Touray.
Accorging to Touray, the council have received clear information that Saudi Arabia will observe Tobaski on the 27 November and The Gambia will also observe it on the same day.
According to reports reaching Mansa Banko indicated that, some major towns and villages in the country will not observe Tobaski on Friday but on Saturday.
The reasons for not observing Tobaski on Friday , most of them who spoke to Mansa Banko said that the day is "not correct" and the correct day is on saturday.
They went on to say that Supreme Islamic Council should base their finding on the sighting of the moon but not to say that "we will observed Tobaski" as far as Saudi Arabia is observing it, which they totally disgreed.
One Imam who spoke to Mansa Banko but beg for cover said that "anybody who observe Tobaski on the 27 is on the wrong path".
He added that muslims should pray," if they have seen the moon" but not just to say that other countries like Saudi Arabia is observing Tobaski or Koriteh Feast so we should also observe.
He called on Isalmic Leaders in the country always be preaching what is right and preaches the word of Allah and the teachings of Prophet Muhammed(SAW).

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