Thursday, January 12, 2017

President-elect Barrow welcomes Jammeh’s move to peaceful dialogue

President-elect Adama Barrow

The office of the president-elect Adama Barrow has welcomed the outgoing President Jammeh’s recent move calling for a peaceful dialogue with the coalition party, saying, ‘is done at the right time’.

This statement came after the incumbent gave a televised speech on Tuesday calling for peaceful dialogue and also appointing of Musa Jallow as Secretary General & Minister of Presidential Affairs and Mediator General between the APRC Government and the Coalition.

The office of the President-elect Barrow is of the view that dialogue is necessary to reach mutual understanding on the peaceful way forward.

His words: “The Office of the President Elect is now waiting for the initiatives of the Secretary General who is appointed Mediator General of the Government.” 

According to him, the decision to release those arrested in connection with political matters and the commitment not to effect new arrests are steps in the right direction.

Furthermore, the office of the President Elect-Barrow expressed hope that this would be extended to all those in detention without trial prior to the Election period, adding that it is also hoped that all media houses that are closed down would be allowed to operate and cover the divergent views that would enrich the debate on the way forward.

“The open arms extended to brother and sister Presidents from ECOWAS, the OIC, AU and the UN for their kind words and support to The Gambia will also facilitate mediation efforts from all sides,” the statement noted.

 The Office of President Elect Barrow is confident that if all adhere to the verdict of the Gambian people and put the National interest before personal or party interest peace will prevail in the Gambia at all times, saying that the supreme interest of the people should be the guide of all our actions in order to maintain and consolidate national unity, peace and prosperity.

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