Tuesday, February 23, 2016

AU-IBAR, World Bank in collaboration with USAID to edified journalists on African Fisheries

The African Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) and the World Bank in collaboration with USAID and the West Africa Sub-Regional Fisheries Commission will jointly host the Fisheries Communication Workshop, according to a media alert made available to Mansa Banko blog
The Ghana, workshop will be held in Elimina, Accra from 29th February – 4th March, 2016.
The workshop will bring together print, online, radio and TV journalists under the theme “Harnessing the Power of Media to Raise Awareness on Africa’ Fisheries”.

The AU/IBAR and World Bank will cover the cost of participation for sponsored participants including air tickets and accommodation.

Participants attending the high level workshop to gather more than 140 journalists with vast experience in reporting and broadcasting from the print, electronic, online and TV from 40 African countries. 
The overall objective of the workshop is to enable African journalists who are covering fisheries to make informed, knowledge- based and fact-based reporting on fisheries issues. 

The expectations is to create the needed awareness in countries and hence the necessary enabling environment for the reforms to which governments have engaged in the development and management of Fisheries and Aquaculture in Africa.

The specific outcome is for each journalist to leave the workshop with a set of facts and contacts to people and institutions which hold accurate information on fisheries, nationally Africa-wide.
The conduct of this activity is envisaged to contribute to increased availability of long-term political commitment on the part of African Governments to undertake and maintain sustainable fisheries reforms.

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