Monday, October 27, 2014

Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed Islamic School Awards Outstanding Students

Hatem Saad Raslan
Located along the busy Kairaba Avenue, Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed Islamic School on the 22nd October 2014 awarded the most praiseworthy and harding-working students of Grade 6 at a colourful ceremony held at the school grounds.

The school, which was founded, by Saad M. Raslan and Sons International Trading Company has today been known for graduating excellent students’ in the country.

Speaking at the prize giving ceremony, Abass Ahmed Jammeh, the principal of the school commended Saad M. Raslan and Sons Company for building the school in the country, adding that the school is charging low fees whiledelivering quality education.

He further thanked the serving students while advising them to continue burning the night candle for a better tomorrow, saying that one can only pass his or her examination only studying his or her book at all times.

“For the past years, Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed Islamic School has been known for graduating best students and the teachers of the school are committed in delivering quality education.”

Ebrima Jarju the director of the board of the school thanked the founders and parents of the students in the name of Allah as well as Sheikh Saad M Raslan for witnessing another important day in the school calendar. According to him, Sheikh Saad M. Raslan is a true believer of Allah who has Islam at heart, saying that the school will continue delivering quality education to Gambian masses .

“It is through hard work, dedication and commitment that our students excel in their exams,” he remarked, while thanking the teachers of the school, staff and management of Saad M. Raslan Company for their efforts in promoting Arabic and Islamic education in the country.


According to him, the school gives out annual prizes to outstanding students and that a special package has been designed for the best student in the school. “This package,” he went on, “we’re given today is from the founder of the school to be given to the most outstanding students in the school.”

He continues: “Quality education has been a priority area for Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed Islamic School and is well- known for producing pupils who passed with excellent results every academic year to enroll in other schools.” 

Many schools, Jarju said are build for business but Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed Islamic School is not for business because students are paying low fees compared to other Islamic schools in the country. "We believe that quality education is the strongest bludgeon against scarcity and the better part to the creation of opportunities, which is why these students should be given quality education." 

He called on Muslims to follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and continue doing good deeds, saying that Islam calls for unity and practicing only good deeds. He added that doing good deeds need no boundary in Islam and that from Egypt to The Gambia is too far but having Islam at heart its not far. The school, he said, is registered under the General Secretariat for Islamic/Arabic Education in The Gambia.

He advised parents to help their children study their books at home better spending the whole night watching movies adding that best students are always with their books.

He thanked Saad M. Raslan and Sons Company for their support to the school and for awarding scholarship to the best students to further their education, adding that the company has never since the establishment of the school relented in offering support to the school, “he always increases his support for the school, which we the staff are enjoying.”

Hatem Saad Raslan, the general manager of Saad M. Raslan and Sons International Trading, son of the founder of the school hailed the efforts of the teachers for delivering quality education in the school. He commended the Gambian leader His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya A.J.J Jammeh Babili Mansa for his immense support and contribution towards the promotion of the Islamic Religion in the country and beyond.

Ibrahim Amara Tunkara first position as the “best student”

Hatem further described President Jammeh as pivotal in the promotion and propagation of Islam. He said the president’s contribution to Islam and the welfare of Muslims since the advent of his administration in 1994 has been well noted and constitutes a great boost to the Muslim Ummah.  The president’s annual Hajj sponsorship package for Muslims was also singled out for praise, as thousands of people fulfilled this important pillar of the Islamic Faith through his generosity and the Qur’anic competition for Islamic students are all testimonies for his support to Islamic teachings in the country. 

Hatem further promised the management of the school that they will continue supporting the school as well as awarding outstanding students for them to continue the hard work in life to become better leaders in life.

Tamsir Joof, a parent acknowledged that teachers at the school are hard working and punctual. He also recognised the support offered to them by the founder of the school since its establishment. 

At the end of the programme, the following deserving students were awarded; Ibrahim Amara Tunkara first position as the “best student”, 2nd position Mahammed Al Almin Sillah, 3rd Zainab Bailo Bah, 4th Abdou Rahman Jallow, 5th Aisha Muhammed Barry, 6th Fatima Kebba Suwareh, 7th Alage Baba Njie.

Some teachers were also awarded prizes for their hard work and dedication rendered to the students.

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