Thursday, April 5, 2012

IDB Grant To Reduce Gaps, Improve Performance

The  Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs (MoFEA), Mr. Mambury Njie  has stated that the government “firmly believes” that the Technical Assistance Grant for capacity Building  in Project Management from the Islamic Development  Bank, would address the present capacity gaps and greatly improve performance not only in the implementation of IDB funded projects, but other donor funded projects as well, to the benefit of The Gambia’s development agenda.
   The objective of the US$400,000 Technical Assistance project, launched at Kairaba Beach Hotel.
The IDB Project geared to enhance the capacity and knowledge of the project management staff of the Government Ministries and Agencies involved in implementing IDB projects (in the areas of procurement, project management and monitoring and evaluation of donor funded projects), to ensure the successful and timely implementation of those projects. 

    The Technical Assistance Grant is earmarked for capacity building in project management, and is financed by the IDB, with contribution from the Gambia Government of US $ 290,000 for the period of 18 months. The project is targeted to benefit 117 persons in the government sectors.
Minister  Njie in his statement  delivered on his behalf  by Permanent Secretary Mr. Mod K.Secka, stated that capacity building results in human resource development. The Government of The Gambia,         Minister Njie added, recognizes the critical importance of the input of highly skilled and competent workforce in realising “our desired development goals. This factor is appropriately reflected in    Governments tactical strategies that have been charted to achieve our medium term development objectives under the Programme for Accelerated Growth and Employment.
“Undeniably, as well, capable, experienced and versatile human resources in our nation are essential ingredients for the attainment of the country’s Vision 2020 objectives”.
Minister Njie disclosed that the need for this project was precipitated by the delays, excruciating delays at times, which has characterised the implementation of most of the current portfolio of IDB projects in the country.
“More often than not, these projects have been beset with problems related to procurement of consultancy services and works, contract administration and ineffective project management practices,” the Finance and Economic Affairs boss  admitted in his speech read out to the audience at the official launch of  Project.
While expressing their excitement about the fact that the IDB is once again collaborating and partnering with the government of The Gambia in its development strides.
“Indeed, it is increasingly evident that the  IDB is now playing a pivotal role in the socio-economic development of The Gambia, providing support and financial assistance in key sectors such as health, education, agriculture, energy and social infrastructure,” Njie pointed out, while informing them that the successes already registered in the energy, agriculture and infrastructure sectors with the assistance of the IDB underlines the benefits of South-South Cooperation for better social conditions in the Developing World.
The aim of the project, the Finance Minister explained, is to primarily enhance the performance of the  Project Implementation Units (PIU) of the government Ministries and other Agencies in the implementation of IDB funded projects, through the provision or project related training programmes.  The  Project, Minister  Njie pointed out, would be implemented by GAMWORKS, which has proven competence in executing capacity building programmes in the country.  
The Government, and particularly the Ministry of Finance, is imploring all the stakeholders involved in this project to lend their maximum support and cooperation to GAMWORKS for successful project implementation, he urged.
To the participants for the various training programmes, he advised them to take this capacity building project seriously as the outcome of the  project is expected to have positive spill-over impact on the improvement of the sectors of the country in which IDB has interventions.  
Moreover, the  Government expects  the project  staff to give their maximum input and exert the knowledge and skills gained from the training programmes to henceforth manage  the IDB projects under their remit with absolute professionalism and within project timeframes, the Minister added.
On behalf of the government, he expressed their profound thanks and appreciation for IDB’s kind consideration and assistance in financing this Technical Assistance Grant. He believes it would go a long way in supporting the people of The Gambia achieve its development aspirations.
While commending GAMWORKS foor supporting Government’s efforts in the areas of infrastructural development and capacity building of institutions, he urged the Agency to continue the good work it is renowned for, and continues to discharge effectively. 

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