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AFRICAN YOUTH DAY,“Accelerating Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development”

AFRICAN YOUTH DAY / Theme: “Accelerating Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development”

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, October 28, 2011/African Press Organization (APO)/ — Invitation to representatives of the media

When: 1ST NOVEMBER 2011

Where: Khartoum, The Republic of The Sudan

Who: The Department of Human Resource Science and Technology (HRST) of the African Union Commission (AUC) in collaboration with the Government of the Republic of The Sudan.

Why: Children African Youth Day Celebration is one occasion that Africa must utilize to open or pursue dialogue between African leaders and the youth, but also to make visible initiatives empowering and favoring the young people on the Continent for a better participation.

Objectives: The 2011 Edition of the African Youth Day aims to pursue the implementation of the Malabo Summit Resolution to accelerate Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development;

Concretize the African Union Commission’s strong will for frank collaboration and meaningful partnership with the Pan African Youth Union and set the platform and mechanism for team work towards the achievement of the set goals.

Decisions of the Summit reinforced:

-    The African Youth Charter is a legal and political framework calling for action about the current situation of the youth. It serves as a reference document for African youth, highlights the need for young people to assert their rights and fulfill their responsibilities in the development of the African continent.

-    The necessity to revitalize the Pan African Youth Union and allow the accomplishment of its institutional mission, while building capacity to response adequately to the call from African Youth;

-    The Youth Decade Plan of Action provides a road map to implementing the African Youth Charter; it is a framework that intends to support the development plans of actions at national and regional level concurrently with continental ones to coordinate activities.

-    Provision to the Commission adequate resources by the Member States to facilitate implementation of youth development programmes, initiatives and celebrate youth related events.

Participants: The invited guests include:

•    H.E Dr Jean PING, Chairperson of the African Union Commission

•    H.E President of the Republic of Sudan

•    AU/HRST Commissioner

•    Chair person of the COMY III Bureau of AU Conference of Ministers in Charge of Youth

•    President of Pan African Youth Union

•    Member of the Diplomatic Corps in Sudan and


The African Union stands to create an “integrated, peaceful, prosperous Africa, led by its own people to take its rightful place in the international community.” Capacity enhancement for a stronger human resource is the beginning of building a prosperous tomorrow. At the 17th Ordinary AU Summit organized under the theme “Accelerating Youth Empowerment toward a Sustainable Development.”; This comes to enhance the promotion and development of young people, accepting to supply them with the means, empowering them and agreeing to give them the opportunities to live productive lives and reach their full potential for the benefit of our governments and continent.

The African Union and the Pan-African Youth Union (P.Y.U.) are taking a lead role to expedite the process of collectively implementing the Decisions of the AU Heads of States Summit. This cooperation and partnership will ensure sustainability of empowerment to African Youth to constitute a driving force en route for development, and evermore focus needs to be given to this segment of the population considering as well that this continent is the most youth-full one.

The young people have expressed interest, demonstrated drive and raised their voice to confirm they want to be part of decision making processes, take responsibility in the development of their continent and intend to make it happen for themselves. Africa can no longer afford to ignore the creativity, motivation, needs and aspirations of the most substantial part of its population by far.

August 2011 saw the end to the International Year of Youth, but this was just a commencement to creating better lives for youth across the world particularly around Africa. Preparing young people to meet the demand of brighter future impose that we encourage them and take into consideration their cognitive, creative and emotional abilities to take responsibility for their lives in a free society where their place is acknowledged.

It is therefore essential to create an environment that gives them exposure to processes, take part in decision making, participate in designing the strategies towards a sustainable development. African Youth are an essential component in reaching the long term goal of Africa: sustainable peace and better life for all. Let’s keep the dialogue open.

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African Union Commission (AUC)

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