Thursday, May 19, 2011

UNESCO launches second edition of legal survey on public service broadcasting

Cover page of the book
18-05-2011 (Geneva)- UNESCO has launched the second, updated and revised, edition of the publication Public Service Broadcasting: a Comparative Legal Survey. The launch took place today at the World Summit on the Information Society Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, during the the meeting on Media Regulation: Broadcasters and Social Media.
The publication on public service broadcasting by Toby Mendel explores the legal and regulatory systems governing public service broadcasters in eight different countries around the world. The first edition of the book was published in 2000.  
“Public service broadcasting remains as relevant as ever in the modern media environment. Despite the dramatic proliferation of sources of information, public service broadcasters remain a key potential source of reliable and credible news and information. This potential can only be realized, however, where these broadcasters are protected against political interference and are adequately funded,” says Toby Mendel. He describes in the book how democracies in countries around the world protect the independence of public broadcasters while providing them with the resources necessary to fulfill their mandates.

UNESCO has a long-standing commitment to supporting public service broadcasting around the world. Support has been provided to foster editorial independence and quality programming in public service broadcasting, community media and new digital media.

“UNESCO believes that this publication will serve as a useful reference and source for legislators and other relevant stakeholders in its Member States”, says Jānis Kārkliņš, UNESCO's Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information. He reminds that UNESCO’s mandate is to support and promote comprehensive action focusing on the role and functions of public service broadcasting, and to assist in building capacities on managerial, editorial and technical levels.”

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