Friday, August 27, 2010

Why Baby Dumping Becoming Rampant

NEWS BANJUL (MB)- Baby dumping is becoming very rampant in our today's society,especially in the African society, with young girls dumping their love ones in horrible place. One should always re-think how valuable life,
if one fully understand it, then one will not be found wanting of dumping a fellow human being who can be anything in the future.

 In many African countries, if one goes deep, one will notice that baby dumping is very rampant now than in the old age. Going by example, if one was dumped as a baby, one would not have had the chance of dumping babies. It is therefore a duty bound on all responsible citizens of our society to sentisized our fellow young girls to make an end to this bad behaviour and manners. 
 Fellow African girls, and African pride, every life has a right to exist. But before going any further, it is very important to know the meaning of baby dumping.
To my own understanding, baby dumping is the act of disowning and abandoning unwanted babies. A good example of it is that throwing babies in horrible places like toilets, gutters, latrine pits amongst
other places.
It is indeed pitiful for innocent babies to be dumped as they should have enjoyed the luxuries of life, which they are deprived of in their life. Baby dumping is normally done by school going girls who fear being driven away from home by their parents because of the babies they carry. On the other side of the coin, parents should also be
blame, because, if one carefully take all the family responsibilities, it will be very difficult for one child to carry a baby while in school.
Truthfully, young girls are obstinate and they are not willing to take advice and one can honestly say that they are very greedy. Again, they will never listen to the advise of their parents, that is why they
become victims of baby dumping. Though young girls can be very stubborn, parents should not always use a heavy hand in managing the welfare of their children, they sometimes have to be lenient in the way and manner they handle family matters. Parents should make it as a point of duty to be sitting with their children especially girls and talk with them reproductive matters and health issues, this can greatly help the young girls from falling into the trap of been pregnant by boys.
They have to sit with their family members in peace and love, and talk to them on matters that can in the best intrest of the family, public intrest and something that can bring good luck to the family in the
 If parents continue dialogue with their children, the menace of baby dumping will be over come, it will put preventive measures to avoid them of becoming victims.
Peer group pressure could also be another contributing factor that leads to baby dumping. When young girls see their colleagues, friend in beautiful clothes having the basic necessities of life, they become envious and such, engage in illict activities where they can earn income and finally become sex workers. As a result of peer group
pressure, they become victims of baby dumping, which is very sad and is killing of our future great men and women. If one is to give an advised, it is good for all our young girls especially African girls
to content with what they have and not to set eyes on other colour.

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