Saturday, May 22, 2010

YJAG visits URR radio stations

NEWS BANJUL THE GAMBIA(MB)- Members of the Young Journalists Association of The Gambia (YJAG) over the weekend arrived in Base Upper River Region URR, as part of their nationwide familiarisation tour of radio stations.

The members upon their arrival in the metropolitan city of Basse, visited relevant institutions including the three radio stations of the region, namely, GRTS Radio Basse branch, Paradise FM and Unique FM Radio Stations.

At Paradise and Unique FM Radio Stations, YJAG members were taken a conducted tour within various sections of these stations, during which they asked questions pertaining to the mode of operations of the radio stations as well as the welfare of the young journalists in these institutions.

At GRTS Radio Basse Branch, the YJAG delegation, led by their leader Assan Sallah, met the Radio Basse branch manager, Nuha Badjie who also took them on a conducted tour of the station. During the tour Badjie informed the young journalists that the radio station since its inception in 1983 has played significant role in the regions of URR and CRR. He added that even the dwellers of Senegal, Sierra Leone and Guinea Bissau do benefit from the radio. He also spoke about the constraints that currently grabbing the radio, such as lack of a standby generator. He added that the transmitter for the radio is also very powerful and that not all the generators can operate it and expressed hope that they will soon have a standby generator.

He finally advised the young journalists to make a professional and well organised association and keep up the momentum.

For his part, Assan Sallah, the president of YJAG thanked Nuha Badjie for welcoming them into his station. He used the opportunity to inform Nuha Badjie and his staff members that their nationwide tour of Radio Stations and schools was meant to expose the young journalists to the other parts of the country, to expand the YJAG membership by inviting all the young journalists in the provinces especially the radio stations to join YJAG and benefit from their upcoming activities, capacity building programmes, among others.

He also briefed Nuha Badjie and his team about the establishment of YJAG and their aims and objectives, among others.

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