Thursday, February 25, 2010

Youth Ambassadors witness final graduation

NEWS BANJUL, THE GAMBIA(MB)- About fifty young people who have successfully completed their one year course on peace building training and were certified as peace educators, in a ceremony held at Join officers mess over the weekend.
Speaking at the ceremony the out going president of youth ambassadors of peace, Mr. Buba Darboe highlighted the importance of the occasion, adding that any one who wants to be a member of YAP must be subjected to training. “As you can see these young grandaunts, we have found them fit and capable to be peace educators”, he added.
According to him youth ambassadors of peace is committed in ensuring that peace is cultivated in the minds of the young people who are the cream of any nation and for meaningful development to happened peace and stability should prevail.
For his part, Fabakary Kalleh the executive secretary of youth ambassadors of peace (YAP), reveal that YAP intend to create a situation where peace is planted in the minds and hearts of people. According to him YAP plans for tomorrow taking in cognizance of yesterday, in the past decades Africa has been painted with red blood of her sons. “ Quotation from various thinkers that every African living in Africa is a potential refugee, yes it was a situation that challenge us to turn the table which can only be possible by the sons of Africa”, he stress.
He noted that, they were convinced that with the instrument of peace, dialogue and understanding, tolerance and forgiveness, freedom and democracy, we can lift the society from that trouble part into tomorrow base on peace and development. He further pointed out that the role of peace educator is to empowered young people to be specially responsible after provided them with alternative inform choices in dealing with conflict. To him conflict is inevitable and therefore there is a need to resolve conflict transformative without violence or war.
According to him this grandaunts were well trained in peace building and amongst the modules trained includes gender perspective in peace building, women in violence, roles of stakeholders in peace building, violence against women, human rights to mentioned few. “As peace builders there is a greater need for people to live in a qualitative human relationship and YAP will ensure that peace is cultivated in minds and hearts of people to ensure that people enjoy their human rights as human beings”, said Mr. Kalleh.
Mr. Kalleh further disclosed that in months time Youth Ambassadors of Peace (YAP) will be change to Peace Ambassadors of the Gambia (PAG).
Edmund Foley legal officer institute for human rights and development in Africa, said that for those who has studied human right, human right began out of struggle. According to him the United Nation talks about mankind in two occasion has been ravages by wars and from that process a universal declaration of human rights in 1948 when the second world war ended in 1945. He noted that since then there are so many treaties and international agreements and constitutions, which see to protect human rights.
“Human Rights are something that is own by human beings and needs not confrontation every time”, he added. He emphasizes that as grandaunts they have tasked themselves to promote peace in the minds of people and to ensure that every individual person enjoy his /her human rights as human beings; I have charged you as educators to maintain the peace by preaching/teaching peace for people to use dialogue in solving conflicts.
For him the challenges are the wider society is going to look at you (peace educators) as children be bold and assertive; and you have started in the Gambia but in the future you may assign in the continental for a greater assignment.
The vote of thanks was given by Mr. Siaka Dibba and the ceremony was characterized by a drama presentation and songs.

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