Friday, November 3, 2017


Jarumeh Koto Youth Development Association (JKYDA) members to embark on massive road rehabilitation exercise in the village of Jarumeh Koto on Saturday, 11th November, 2017.

The initiative was disclosed to journalists at a press conference held at Tallinding, today, 1st November, 2017.

Speaking to journalists, Mr. Ebrima M.K Ceesay, chairperson, JKYDA gave a brief history of the association saying that the association was formed in 2004 by the youths of the village.

“The association was formed by concern citizens of the village with an aim of supporting the village in its development programmes,” said Ceesay

According to him, the road rehabilitation exercise will help fix the road problem in the village during the raining season saying that many women’s has suffered accessing their rice fields and gardens due to poor road condition.

He adds: “We are calling on the government, private sector, philanthropists and individuals to support our initiative.”

Ceesay, also spoke at length on the association’s previous activities saying that “they’ve supported the village boys to participate in nawetans, village cleansing exercise among others”.

Mr. Ebrima LB Ceeesay, secretary general of the association, expressed similar sentiments saying that the youths of the village are ready to lead the development agenda of the community.

“The major roads connecting the village and its swamps, gardens, farms as well as the roads linking our satellite villages are seriously eroded thus making it impossible to be plied by either donkey carts or vehicles.”

He stressed on the importance of good roads stating that good roads in any community makes transportation easy for them.

“This is the right time to start the rehabilitation exercise because during the raining season, it wouldn’t be possible to do such exercise.”

He called on the youth of the village to turnout on larger number to contribute to the development of the village adding that ‘good citizens’ are always proud of their country or community developments.

He stated that, the youths in the village are ‘good citizens’ and are ready to take part in this laudable initiative.  

Mr. Ceesay also informed journalists that relevant authorities are informed about the upcoming activity adding that more development activities will follow in due course.

He added that on the day of the exercise, they’re expecting quality work.

He also thanked the natives of the village both in the country and beyond for their contributions saying that their contributions will be put into good use.

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